Saw Lin Aung

Saw Lin Aung

As a teenager, Saw Lin Aung used to help his father who painted movie posters without understanding much about painting. Later he went through formal training, but, when asked about the importance of theory in his work his reply was zero percent – explaining that he considers theory to be like water in a shower which goes and leaves just the a coolness behind.

Born in the river town of Twante, he started painting boats, but gradually he realized that he was more interested in the reflections on the water.

Now, while his paintings demonstrate his skill in realistic portrayal, he uses this realism for effect rather than as a default in his distinctive water paintings. He would like the observer to fell the coolness captured in these large works.

His interests and images are constantly changing, but, for the moment , he is trying to capture a freshness through choice of image and manipulation of colour.

Born in Ton Tae, Myanmar in 1982.
Graduated from State School of Fine Art 2004

2004 – 1st Color Stream – Bogyoke Market
2004 – 2nd Color Stream – Bogyoke Market
2005 – 3rd Color Stream – Bogyoke Market
2005 – 4th Color Stream – Bogyoke Market
2006 – 5th Color Stream – Bogyoke Market
2006 – Solids one Art Exhibition, Yangon
2006 – All Myanmar Artists – Mandalay City Hall
2006 – X’s Season – Park Royal Hotel
2007 – 6th Color Stream – Bogyoke Market
2007 – Solid two Art Exhibition, Yangon
2007 – Best Painting of the year 2007 – Tun Foundation Bank
2008 – 7th Color Stream – Bogyoke Market
2008 – Solids Three – Bogyoke Market
2008 – Amazing One, Yangon
2009 – “Finalist Artists Exhibition” Tun Foundation Bank Competition, Yangon
2009 – Myanmar Realist, Yangon
2011 – Myanmar National Portrait Competition 2011, FINALIST exhibition, The Strand Hotel, Yangon

Oversea Exhibitions

2009- “Myanmar Discovered”, Group Show, Hong Kong
2009 – Contemporary Myanmar Art Exhibition, New York, the USA
2010 ‘New Beginning’ Group show, Princeton, the USA


2007 Honorable Prize at Best Painting of the year 2007 – Tun Foundation Bank
2008 Honorable Prize at “Beauty of Myanmar” – Oasis Art Gallery, Yangon
2009 Honorable Prize at Best Painting of the year 2009 – Tun Foundation Bank