Min Zaw

Min Zaw

Min Zaw was born in 1972, Yangon, Myanmar. Well known for his illustrations of the fictionist character “BO BO” in children books. He lives in Yangon, Myanmar. One of the founder of Studio Square Art Gallery, Yangon.

He first study at the State School of Fine Art and graduated in 1994. Four more years of studying got his B.A in Fine Arts from the University of Culture in 1998. Studied under U Kyaw Lay, U Mya Lay, U Thit Lwin Soe, U Tin Aye (MDY).

2002 – ASEAN Art Award
2003 – Recognition for Myanmar Contemporary Art Award.

Private Collections
Charoen Pockhand Group Of Companies, Thailand Phillip Morris Group Of Companies, Private Collection in Great Britain, Italy, Japan, France, Singapore, Germany and KBZ Bank, Yangon, Myanmar, ILBC(YIS), Myanmar Bank Association.

Solo Exhibition
1997 – 1st solo exhibition(Positive Dream), “NM” Gallery (Mr.Guitar Cafe), Yangon, Myanmar.
1999 – Water Color Show, MGCA.
2002 – Women Series, Art Gallery, Singapore.
2003 – Red Landscape, Art Gallery, Singapore.
2003 – New Works of Min Zaw, Art Seasons Gallery, Singapore.
2004 – “A Pyo Daw”, MGCA, Yangon, Myanmar.

Group Exhibition
1994 December – Snow Set Art Exhibition, Inya Art Gallery, Yangon, Myanmar.
1995 November-02 – Art Exhibition, White Line Art Gallery, Yangon, Myanmar.
1996 September – Aster Group Show, Natmauk Art Gallery, Yangon, Myanmar.
1997 May – Summer Poetry, Lokanat Gallery, Yangon, Myanmar.
July ~ August – Wathan Art Exhibition, New Treasure Art Gallery, Yangon, Myanmar.
September – Depression Gray, Lokanat Galleries, Yangon, Myanmar.
1998 February – Prospect Art Exhibition, Artists and Association Sale Center, Yangon.
November – Native Art Group Show, Native Art Gallery, Yangon, Myanmar.
1999 February – Myanmar Art Exhibition, Lokanat Galleries, Yangon, Myanmar.
October – Octagon Pluse One, Lokanat Galleries, Yangon, Myanmar.
2000 January – Special Group Show, MGCA.
March – Special Oil Painting Program, MGCA.
May – Contemporary Asian Art Fair, Singapore
December – New Millennium Group Show, MGCA.
2001 January – Through Myanmar Eyes, Art Seasons Gallery, Singapore.
May – The World’s Premier Contemporary Asian Art Fair, Singapore.
December – Random Illusion, MGCA.
2002 May – Burmese Dreamscape, Art Seasons Gallery, Singapore.
– Phillip Morris Asian Art Award Exhibition, Bali, Indonesia.
October – Contemporary Asian Art Fair, Singapore.
November – Burma Days, Zee Stone Art Gallery, Hong Kong.
August – Special Group Show, AZADA Gallery, Yangon, Myanmar.
December – 5th Annual Group Show, MGCA.
2003 November – Burmese Contemporaries Group Show, Art Season Gallery, Singapore.
2004 February – Myanmar Contemporary Art Awards Exhibition, Yangon & Hong Kong.
June – June Show, Lokanat Galleries, Yangon, Myanmar.
November – The Myanmar Contemporary Art Exhibition at YIS (ILBC), Yangon.
2005 November – “05 Figures” at Studio Square, Yangon, Myanmar.
– Korea & Myanmar Contemporaray Painting Exhibition.
2006 May – “Melody of May” at Studio Square, Yangon, Myanmar.
May ~ June – “Contemporary Art from Myanmar” The Dhara Dhevi Gallery at Kad Dhara Mandarin Oriental Dhevi, Ching Mai, Thailand. Thavibu Art Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand.
2007 January – ” Recent Work of ” at Studio Square in Yangon.
2007 June – Group Show at Karin Weber Art Gallery in Hong Kong.
2008 June – ” Nargis Relief Art Show ” at Yangon, Myanmar.
July – ” Nargis Relief Art Show ” at Mandalay, Myanmar.
2009 March – ” Art Trees 2009 ” at Yangon, Myanmar.
May – ” The Mandalay Arm Art Show ” at Pan Thu Sandar Art Gallery, Mandalay.
2010 March – ” 2010 Exhibition-2 ” at Gallery of Sin Byu Daw, Mandalay.
March – ” Art Tree ” at Myanmar Art Center, Yangon.