About Heriot-Grant Gallery

The Gallery is a family business founded in 2010 by Bill Grant. With a design background in fashion, interior, and landscape and having lived in the Far East for thirty years, his contact with artists in Cambodia, Myanmar, and Vietnam allowed him to keep his finger on the pulse of the contemporary art scene. Bill lived in Cambodia and travelling extensively throughout the region allowimg him to see first hand what was happening in the art scene within the region and, over the years, he established warm relations with local artists and dealers. Unfortunately Bill passed away in 2015, which left the business without direct management.

Heriot-Grant Gallery passed to his sister Nina and is now run on a day to day basis by her son Julian and her grandson Christopher. Both Julian and Christopher are established residents in Cambodia and with oversight from Nina, who is based in Scotland and has extensive experience in high-end retail, the business is once more moving forward.

The policy of the gallery is to support the artists by purchasing artworks directly or through their agents and, as such, all the works displayed are available unless shown to be sold.

The business is Internet based and can be contacted via our email address shown below.