Ko Ko Naing

Ko Ko Naing

There are lines in the sky,’ he said. ‘They sky is not plain and flat as you view it, but creased.’
Most of his subjects, such as urban scenes and city crows, are composed with the lines from the sky. Satellite dishes and sticks, clotheslines, doors and windows, and the shapes of the buildings are the favourite figures of his paintings. Of course also flying and standing city crows, symbols of urban life. The cawing of crows, in Myanmar concept, means that visitors are coming.

He grew up in Mawlamyaing, helping his father who was a designer for lead-block printing. Ko Ko Naing grew attached to the colours used in type-setting. Later, after he moved to Yangon, he gained prominence as a designer for magazines, books, and music posters. In his unique composition you can see monolike bold colours which draw you into strangely familiar world. 

1960 Born in Mawlamyaing, Mon State, Myanmar

1980s Study under U Kyaw Hla, U Khing Maung Thwin, U Win

1984 Began working as an illustrator

He has exhibited in dozens of shows; recent ones include:

2009 Still Young, Pansodan Gallery, Yangon
Prelude to Winter, Pansodan Gallery, Yangon
Wildeyes, Pansodan Gallery, Yangon

2010 IV Painter Plus Ko Ko Naing, Pansodan Gallery, Yangon
Liliput, Pansodan Gallery, Yangon